Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We are proud to be among the most highly regarded and respected litigation and dispute resolution law firms in the country. We have provided reliable and competent legal representation in a wide range of complex disputes. Our team of litigators have a high degree of specialization across a variety of areas such as civil and commercial disputes, administrative and constitutional litigation, judicial review, employment and labour relations including termination of employment, employee redundancy claims, pensions and so on. Our firm’s experience encompasses handling high profile cases in both the superior and subordinate courts as well as the various Tribunals established under legislation.

We have a proven track record of acting successfully in high profile, high value and complex litigation, particularly in times of crisis for our clients. Whereas the Firm’s approach emphasizes risk mitigation and out-of-court solutions that preserve commercial or personal relationships, our Dispute Resolution team always ensure clients are litigation-ready and provide the most suitable and strategic path for legal representation.

Our Specialists in this field