The Pupillage Programme

A Promising Start to a Legal Career

Prof. Albert Mumma & Company Advocates Pupillage Programme in Upper Hill Area, Nairobi, is a beacon of opportunity for aspiring young lawyers currently enrolled at the Kenya School of Law.

What we offer

In undertaking the pupillage programme with Prof. Albert Mumma & Company Advocates, our aspiring candidates for admission to the Kenyan Bar get access to:

1. Mentorship and Guidance

The standout feature of Prof. Albert Mumma & Company Advocates is the exceptional mentorship and guidance provided to participants. Senior lawyers at the firm are committed to nurturing young legal talent. They offer regular one-on-one sessions providing valuable insights into the legal profession, case management, and career development. The firm’s dedication to mentorship truly sets it apart.

3. Hands-on Experience

One of the most significant advantages of the programme is the extensive hands-on-experience it offers. Pupils are not relegated to the sidelines but are actively involved in real cases from day one. This practical exposure is invaluable, allowing participants to apply what they have learned in the classroom setting to live cases.

2. Diverse Practice Areas

Prof. Albert Mumma & Company Advocates has a diverse practice spanning areas like corporate and commercial law, real estate and conveyancing, litigation, environmental law and natural resources. This diversity ensures that pupils gain a well-rounded legal education and can explore different areas of interest. The exposure to various legal domains enhances the pupils’ adaptability and versatility as future lawyers.

4. Supportive Environment

The firm offers a supportive and inclusive environment where open communication and teamwork is encouraged. It’s evident that Prof. Albert Mumma & Company Advocates values diversity and promotes a culture of respect and collaboration among its employees and its pupils.


The pupillage programme runs for six (6) months from January to June each year. With mutual agreement, a pupil may stay on for an additional six (6) months to December of that year. Pupils are assigned a pupil master and paid a stipend to cover basic expenses.


To qualify for a pupillage position with Prof. Albert Mumma & Company Advocates, applicants must:

  1. Have been admitted to the Advocates Training Programme at the Kenya School of Law in its current academic year;
  2. Hold an LLB degree from a Kenyan university or a foreign university with no less than an upper second class honours;
  3. Hold a KCSE Certificate (or equivalent) with a mean B average and a B grade in English; and
  4. Hold a KCPE Certificate (or equivalent) with a mean B average and a B grade in English
Selection Process

The application will be scored on the following criteria: quality of degree; writing skills as shown by the quality of the 300 word essay; fit between the candidate’s attributes and the firm as demonstrated in the application form.

12 candidates (6 male and 6 female) attaining the highest scores will be shortlisted for an oral interview. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted via email by the end of October.  The oral interview will be held during the last week of November, will be conducted by the Advocate in charge of the pupillage programme and two other Advocates, will last not more than 30 minutes and will comprise:

  1. A general discussion on the candidate’s application, career interests and personal attributes.
  2. On the spot responses to questions in the following areas: civil liability, civil litigation, commercial transactions, conveyancing and professional ethics.
  3. An opportunity for the candidate to ask questions of the panel.

The successful candidates will be notified within 3 working days of the oral interview and each successful candidate is expected to confirm acceptance of the offer within 3 calendar days of receiving the offer. If we do not receive your confirmation the offer will lapse and another candidate shall be selected.


Applications for the Pupillage Programme are open until 31st October each year. Interviews for the shortlisted candidates will take place in the last week of November. The candidate’s application shall comprise:

  1. a duly filled application form AVAILABLE HERE
  2. copies of all academic certificates (primary, secondary and university), transcripts; and;
  3. a copy of your national identity card or passport.

All Communication Regarding The Pupillage Programme Should Be Dropped Off To The Advocate In Charge Of The Pupillage Programme at our Offices or sent by email to