New Court Fees Assessment Schedule

The Court Fees Assessment Schedule which was published by the Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court, Hon. Lady Justice Martha Koome, provides general information of the public fees […]

The Small Claims Court

The Small Claims Court is a subordinate court within the judicial court structure established pursuant to Article 169 (1) (d) of the Constitution of Kenya 2010. It is governed by […]

Data Protection Series Part IV

The scope of the proposed Data Protection (Registration of Data Controllers and Data Processors) Regulations 2021 includes inter alia the eligibility for registration; applications; verifications; issuance of certificates; renewals and […]

Data Protection Series Part III

The proposed Data Protection (General) Regulations 2021 cover areas including consent, collection of personal data, enabling rights, and commercial use, obligations of data controllers and data processors, data protection, notification […]

Data Protection Series Part II

The proposed Data Protection (Compliance and Enforcement) Regulations encompass a nuanced complaints handling procedure. Specifically, provision is made for lodging, screening, discontinuation, withdrawal, joint consideration and investigation of complaints. Download […]

Data Protection Series Part I

Article 31 of the Constitution guarantees the right to privacy to every person which includes the right not to have information relating to their family or private affairs unnecessarily required […]

Pre-adoptive Leave under the Employment (Amendment) Act

The concept of pre-adoptive leave was introduced into Kenyan law through a legislative amendment to Section 29 of the Employment Act, 2007, which came into effect on the 15th of […]

Beneficial Ownership

The Statute Laws (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act No. 12 of 2019 was assented to on 5th July 2019. The law amends Section 93A of the Companies Act 2015 by making it […]

Sectional Properties

The promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 culminated in the complete overhaul of Kenya’s land regime leading to the enactment of the 2012 Land Laws including the Land Act, […]