Legal Consultancy, Policy and Legislative Drafting

The Firm has played a leading role in comprehensive legal consultancy, policy development and legislative drafting in Kenya and across East, Central and Southern Africa. With a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in consulting in areas such as institutional restructuring, policy formulation and legislative drafting, our seasoned team of skilled legal consultants and researchers, leverage its extensive experience to deliver practical, result-oriented solutions.

Our collaborative approach ensures that every Client receives personalized attention and the highest caliber of legal support, making the Firm the go-to destination for legal consultancies. Over the years we have provided consultancy services in Kenya, Uganda, Somaliland, Tanzania and Lesotho among others, as well as to multi-lateral agencies including the World Bank, the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region, the east African Community among others. We have also been retained by international and local NGOs on a number of consultancy assignments.

Notably, we have drafted the legislation under Article 71 of the Constitution; the Water Act, 2002 including amendments thereto; the Water Act 2016 and its implementing regulations as well legislation to implement the trans- boundary water resources policy in Kenya. We have also been instrumental in developing water legislation and policies for various counties. Our Consultancy Team has also contributed in drafting regulations on behalf of various entities such as the Energy Petroleum & Regulatory Authority, the Rural Electrification Authority, National Transport and Safety Authority, Water Resources Management Authority, in addition to PPP regulations for various counties and the Code of Ethics and Conduct for Advocates in Kenya. In undertaking these assignments, the Consultancy Team has also drafted various policy documents, subsidiary legislation, gazette notices, and by-laws or constitutions.

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