New Court Fees Assessment Schedule

Disclaimer: This Article does not form part of a Legal Opinion and is purely informative.

The Court Fees Assessment Schedule which was published by the Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court, Hon. Lady Justice Martha Koome, provides general information of the public fees applicable to the lodging or filing of the respective documents in the relevant proceedings before specified Courts and Tribunals. The Schedule applies specifically to the relevant proceedings in the following venues:

  • High Court;
  • Environment and Land Court;
  • Magistrates Court;
  • Kadhis Court;
  • Tribunals save for the following: – Political Parties Dispute Tribunal, Transport Licensing Appeals Board, Industrial Property Tribunal, Energy Tribunal, Competition Tribunal, Rent Restriction Tribunal, Business Premises Rent Tribunal and the Cooperative Tribunal.


The new Court Fees Assessment Schedule, Gazette Notice No. 6830 took effect on July 1 st 2021. In addition, matters filed under the old schedule, Gazette Notice No. 10181 of 2020 continue as if filed under the new schedule. N.B. Gazette Notice No. 6830 revoked Gazette Notice No. 10181.

CLICK HERE for the Court Fees Assessment Schedule

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