The key pillars of our case management system are as follows:

Document Management:

To facilitate effective document management we maintain a well-run registry and filing system. We have an effective filing system. All documents are promptly filed and files kept in the registry comprising steel cabinets. Each files id dedicated to one matter, making finding documents easy.

Safe Custody:

We have a separate lockable steel cabinet for original documents belonging to clients, where we keep such documents when we have to hold originals pending collection by on delivery to the client.

Registry Clerk:

We have a registry clerk dedicated to the registry who is in charge of maintaining the filing system.

Clear Allocation of Duties:

We allocate duties in respect to each task (e.g. filing, diarizing, court attendance, quality assurance etc) and all tasks are clearly assigned to respective members of staff. In allocating tasks we adopt the approach that team members should carry out the tasks for which they are best suited based on specialization and interest. Our team members comprise litigators, conveyancers, financial law experts, PPP experts and so on. assigned to respective members of staff.


Nevertheless, typically we work as a team and ordinarily each assignment is allocated to two people which allows for quality control and enables us benefit from input of the whole team. Within the team we peer review pleadings before filing as well as opinions before they are sent out to the client.

Personal attention to cases:

We believe in giving personal attention to matters. Thus we limit the extent to which we ask outside Advocates to “hold brief” on our matters.

This means that we ensure that when we take dates our Advocates are available to attend to the cases in their diaries, thus limiting the risk of “surprises.”


We diarize all dates so that none attendance does not arise. We attend to all matters and in the last two years we have had a zero none attendance rate.

Internal Cause List:

Each Friday we generate and give to all staff an internal cause list of all our matters coming up the following week. This enables us to prepare in advance for cases that will be coming up. It allows the Registry staff to bring out the files and Advocates to prepare and see that all the documents are ready.


These are routinely done on a monthly basis so that we are able to ensure that matters do not pend for unduly by and go stale. It also enables us to set targets for each case based on the best interests of the client.

Product Quality and Timeliness:

We work according to a time schedule which allows us to meet client deadlines. Due to our networks with relevant officers in various agencies we are abler to achieve results such as registration of documents within timeliness that are amendable.


We close files when a matter is concluded.  The files are kept in the office for a period of time but then relocated to an external archive, where they can be reached should an issue arise.

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